Morton's neuroma is a swollen (inflamed) nerve in the ball of the foot, commonly between toes. Ttissue around one of the nerves leading to the toes thickens, causing pain.It usually develops between the third and fourth toes (an intermetatarsal plantar nerve).


They include pain affecting the contiguous halves of two toes, tingling, cramps on toes which worsen due to footwear and walking.


To arrive at a diagnosis, it is essential that surgeon performs a thorough clinical examination of your foot. Occasionally the symptomatology can be very similar to other pathologies of forefoot. However, it can be confirmed with a MR (magnetic resonance) or ultrasonography.


Neuroma symptomatology may improve thanks to fabric pads or templates, infiltrations, changing footwear to appropriate one and modification of activities. Surgery may be considered in patients who have not responded adequately to non-surgical treatments.

There are several treatment of this disease with similar results:

  1. Open Surgery It involves removing the affected piece of nerve tissue and the intermetatarsal ligament.
  2. Percutaneous Surgery: It is accomplished by making a ligament section which can combine a head metatarsal osteotomy that causes pressure on nerves branch.